Useful Links

Vintage Bike Information: Sheldon, may he rest in peace, was a highly experienced bike mechanic from New England. He built a brilliant website detailing almost everything you might need to know about bikes. It’s usually the first port of call for any queries.

Restoring Vintage Excellent blog by Nola Wilken, the name says it all.

Dave Moulton’s Blog Another great vintage bike blog.

Velobase A massive vintage component database.

Disraeli Gears A detailed history and inventory of the derailleur. (The malapropism is borrowed from a the title of a Cream album.)

Campy Only Vintage Campagnolo resource.

Gitane USA Website dedicated to the Gitane brand.

Cycles Peugeot Peugeot information site.

Classic Lightweights Information mainly on British road bikes.

Classic Rendezvous Excellent resource for details of classic road bikes.

General Bike Information:

VeloNews Tech FAQ with Lennard Zinn Like Sheldon, Zinn is a master mechanic with years of experience. While Brown focuses on the practical side of cycling, Zinn is more performance orientated. He answers readers questions on the latest road and MTB tech.

Global Cycling Network British Youtube Channel dedicated to road cycling. Has the occasional “Retro Tech” segments, and much of the information is relevant to vintage bikes too.

Ask a Mechanic by Arts Cyclery. Youtube videos answering readers technical questions. Again usually modern stuff but some of it is still relevant.


Velo Orange and Compass Bicycles, manufacturers and distributors of vintage style bikes and components, both have good blogs.

Hilary Stone UK based vintage component seller.


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