Fixed gear training update

I’m just back from my third ride on my winter fixed trainer. I lost a week of riding due to a nagging flu-like cold, but I’m back in the saddle now. After the first couple of rides I’ve got the bike dialed in the way I want it, and am getting the hang of riding fixed. You have to re-learn simple things such as clipping into the pedals and coming to a stop! The high cadence works well with the current cold spell (a week or two of below freezing round the clock is about as bad as it typically gets down here…) The constant movement can be a strain, I feel my feet wanting to coast for a minute, but that’s not an option. On the plus side, it seems that sometimes with a fixed wheel you can keep pushing when you would have backed off riding a freewheel, due to the crank carrying the momentum of the wheel.

One issue I’m having is with the saddle. I opted to try out the Brooks professional I’ve got hold of, judging it to be the most similar in shape to my erstwhile go-to San Marco Rolls. It’s simply not comfortable for me on this setup (maybe not quite an ‘ass-hatchet’, but still). Leather saddles will mold to the users hind quarters over a period of time, but if it’s not comfortable at all at first it’s never going to become comfortable. The Professional (as the name would suggest) is designed for an aggressive, low position. I’m probably riding more upright than that, meaning I’m not putting my weight on it as I should be. It’s also possible that it’s just not suited to my body shape at all – a saddle is a very personal thing.

I’ll put the B17 on and see if that is any better. If I can’t make that work I guess I’ll get on Ebay and buy myself another Rolls for my eventual Coppi build.


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