Campagnolo Super Record Part 2: Brake Levers

A couple of months ago I blogged about the Campagnolo Record groupset I recently got hold of. I had basically everything except the brake levers, so I’ve been looking out for these ever since.


Three pairs of Campagnolo Super Record brake levers

Super (Superleggera in Italian, meaning super light) Record was introduced in 1974 and was based heavily on Nuovo Record. It made use of titanium axles in the bottom bracket, hubs and pedals. Aluminium replaced steel in the pedal cages, brake pad holders and headset cups (steel bearing race inserts are used on aluminium and titanium components). The chainrings had material removed to make them lighter (and look cooler!), and the brake levers were drilled in typical ’70s style. To top it off, sexy black anodising was added to the derailleur and pedals. Other components (seatpost and front derailleur) were added later. In 1978 a second version of Super Record was introduced, with a cleaner look that differentiated it further from Nuovo Record, ushering in the end of the drilled and fluted look for high end bicycle components.


Drilled to allow the brake cable to pass under the bar tape

I recently picked up three pairs of Super Record levers from a fellow enthusiast. I got a good enough price that by selling two pairs I would essentially get to keep the third for free.  Two of the pairs had been drilled for a primative (and by all accounts poorly performing) aero cable routing under the handlebar tape. Two came with original hoods, one the earlier ‘globe’ logo, the other the newer (post ’82) shield logo. The third had Modolo hoods.

I’ve cleaned up and sold two of the pairs, with the third (free!) pair sitting in a box waiting to be installed on my slow moving Coppi project!


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