Campagnolo Record

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Campagnolo Record/Super Record Groupset

Among bicycle groupsets, none is more revered than Campagnolo Record. It has been the Italian component manufacturer’s professional grade set since its introduction in 1958, having won 32 Tours de France (more remarkably, Campagnolo Record was used by all but five Tour winners 1963-1998).

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1978 Super Record rear derailleur


Record has come in various guises over time, Nuovo Record was introduced in 1967, so called C-Record in 1985, Titanium Record in 1996, but perhaps the most famous is Super Record, introduced alongside Nuovo Record in 1974 (the Super Record name was also revived in 2009 for the current top-end group). From 1967 to 1987 Record, Nuovo Record and Super Record were sold concurrently. The rear derailleur is the only part that is specific to each group, the other parts being shared across two or all three of the groupsets.

photo 3 (30)

Painted crank arm flutes.

I was lucky enough to pick up a noname frame¬†with an almost complete Nuovo/Super Record mixed group recently. Aesthetically it’s a pretty stunning groupset. A previous owner has cut out the gear levers and front derailleur band, and painted the crank arm flutes with “World Champion” colours. Going on the stamp on the rear derailleur, this is a 1976 group. I’ll be saving these components to one day build up a Sunday bike for myself. I need to source some brake levers as the bike was fitted with first generation Dura-Ace (sacrilege!)

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Cutout and painted shifters and derailleur.

*Update* : a couple of months later I found the matching levers – see Part 2.